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Human Resources Planning and its Effect on the Application of Total Quality Management of Jazan University

Volume 23, Issue No SE, 2020

Pages: 43 - 55

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This study aims to examinethe effect of Human Resources Planning on the application of Total Quality Management at Jazan University. It aims to demonstrate the actuality of Human Resources Planning practices and process the application of Total Quality Management in Jazan University. The study adopts the descriptive analytical approach by using self-administrated questionnaire as a data collection method. The questionnaire was distributed to a convenient proper sample out of (100) top management level at human resources officials, and quality officials in Colleges of Arts and Sciences in Al-Ardha and Samtah, College of Education in-Arts Departments in Sabya, Academic Institution for Female, and College of Education-Scientific Departments in Jizan. The results shows that the most demonstrated factors in human resources planning is “support and following” factor, then “plans for meeting human resources needs” factor, while the less verified factor is human needs analysis (prediction). The most verified factors in total quality management is “top management support” factor, then the factor of “decision making based on comprehensive information”, on the other hand; the less verified factor is “concentration on customer” factor. The results also show that there is a statistical significant effect for human resources planning factors (factors of needs, support and following) on (top management support; continuing improvement; concentration on customer; and decision making based on comprehensive information) as factors of total quality management application. Finally, there is a total statistical significant effect for human resources planning factors on the application of total quality management in general. The study also provides a group of recommendations based on statistical results provided in the study.


Human Resources Management, Human Resources Planning, Jazan University.