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The Degree of Practising Participatory Leadership by School Principals from the Teachers Point of View in Giza Governorate Abstract

Volume 25, Issue No SE, 2023

Pages: 36 - 57

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The study aims to identify the degree of practising participatory leadership by school principals from the teachers point of view in Giza Governorate. The study was carried out in (2021/2022). To achieve the objective of the study, the descriptive analytical approach was employed. Out of a total population of 1434 female and male teachers, 340 participants responded to a questionnaire which was also recruited to collect data. The study reveals that the school principals practice of participatory leadership from the teachers point of view in the Giza district of was high. There were statistically significant differences (α) in the sex variable in favor of males. It also finds out that there were differences in the qualification variable in favor of the bachelors degree. Furthermore, differences in the experience variable in favor of teachers, whose experiences were less than 5 years, were noticed. The study recommends adopting the bases of participatory leadership as a means of evaluating and promoting school principals and delegating a part of their powers to their assistants. Moreover, participatory leadership and qualified principals, who are able to lead their schools, could be achieved by holding workshops and courses on participatory leadership. The current study concludes with the need for further studies on participatory leadership.


Degree of Practise, Leadership, Participatory Leadership, Leader (Principal), Lewa’ al-Jiza, Teachers..