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The Allegorical Precondition with the article (in) in Quran

Volume 4, Issue No 2, 1996

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My rational for researching this topic has been inspired by the word of God as narrated by Mary (Peace be upon her) in Surat Mariam verse 18 which says: I seek refuge with the Gracious one from thee if thou art at all righteous. In reviewing the conditionals in the Quran as expressed by the article 51, I realized that many other similar cases exist like the one above where the conditional is metaphorical and not grammatical. I also realized that the metaphorical conditionals are expressed in two styles: 1 - Perfect Metaphorical Conditionals. 2 - The Imperfect Metaphorical Conditionals. These two styles differ from the real conditionals in three ways which will be illustrated in the body of this paper. The metaphorical conditionals are compounded. In form, they look like conditionals but in reality they are not conditionals. They are used to convey additional meanings just like requests which can be used to convey grammatical meanings and additional metaphorical one

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Allegorical Precondition - Quran.

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