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Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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Impact of Society Customs on the Course of Arabic

Volume 11, Issue No 1, 2005

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This paper investigates the impact of society customs on the course of the Arabic language starting from the language system, which has come to stability, to the use of classical/standard language at the present time. The paper traced the grammatical features of standard Arabic related to society‘ customs responding to them. The paper also looks at the grammarians’ works in terms of their influence by their sociap habits and their realization of the effects of these habits, which later influence the direction of some linguistic patterns. The paper concludes that linguistic changes in Arabic in the modern age result from the effect of social customs. In its illustration of this impact, the study identifies some of the sociap habits and features which can be found in the structures of the language and in the grammarians’ Orientations.

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Impact - Society Customs - the Course of Arabic.

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