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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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The Effect of Conversion to Electronic Dealing System on the Operating Efficiency and Performance of Amman Stock Exchange

Volume 11, Issue No 2, 2006

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Pages: 72 - 118


This study aims at evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of electronic dealing system in Amman Stock Exchange (A.S.E.), and identifying its effect on the operating efficiency and the performance of A.S.E. Accordingly, the annual rate of changes on dealing movement, dealing Volume and market value of listed companies stock have been calculated before and after the conversion electronic dealing system. The year 2000, in which the electronic system has been installed, was considered as the base year for the purpose of comparison. The researcher has also executed a field study directed to a sample of (20) brokers and (200) investors selected randomly, the results of field study was analyzed by using SPSS to calculate correlation coefficient (R) to identify the relation type and its strength between independent factor and all dependent factors also determinant coefficient (R2) was computed to determine how much the independent factor can affect each dependent factor separately at a significance degree of 5. The study reached to a number of conclusions which clarify that the effect of the electronic dealing system on A.S.E. has an effect and positive relation on all dependent variables with varying degrees and on the A.S.E. performance, market value and dealing volume, as well as improving its oreating efficiency by improving transparency and security, reducing cost and increasing accuracy and other factors. The study ended with some recommendations concentrated on the need for continuous upgrading of the dealing system and the necessity of keeping up with all the developments taking place in this regards also the need of training A.S.E employees to be able to cope up with such development

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Amman Stock Exchange -Electronic Dealing System.

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