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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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The Viewpoints of the Students Parents and Teachers on Homework’s

Volume 13, Issue No 1, 2009

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Pages: 163 - 198


This study aims at improving and developing homework while considering the student, teacher and parents views. Three main questions where raised as a result of this study: 1> What are the new international trends toward homework?. 2> What are the attitudes of the above three groups; students, teachers and parents, toward homework? 3> What is the suitable or the optimal amount of homework?. A questionnaire representing various positive and negative aspects of homework was designed, then distributed among 437 subjects; 190 students, 190 parents 8t 57 teachers. Results show a difference in views toward homework among our three main groups. Parents where shown to favor an increased amount of homework to the other two groups; followed by teachers and students who favored the lowest amount. Students indicated that homework was a source of constant stress and tension, that is, in some cases stressed relationships were found among them and their parents. The study shows that students felt one hour of homework a day is sufficient. Parents favored two hours of homework per day. Teachers where happy with one hour and fifteen minutes of homework per day. Female students where shown to view homework more favorably than their male counterparts. The study’s recommendations and conclusions ; - Enrolling students in +After School activities; off campus as an alternative to an increased homework workload. - Educating both parents and teachers as to the appropriate homework workload for students to achieve optimal positive gains. — Highlighting to parents and teachers the limited effect homework has on a student>s achievement and understanding the fine balance between achievement and stress to students & teachers alike

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