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The Educational approach included in Al-Hadid Sura

Volume 20, Issue No 1, 2017

Pages: 43 - 61

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The study aims to show the educational approaches included in A/-Hadid Sura. This will be done through emphasizing the linguistic patterns utilized in the Sura as a means of communication. The importance of the study stems from the fact that the linguistic educational approach has had a major role in making people accept the principles of Islam. The article makes use of the inductive/deductive approach. It is structured along two sections: the first introduces Al-Hadid Sura, its virtues, the implication of its title, and the most important subjects it deals with. The second section is concerned with introducing the concept of education and educational approaches, a presentation of some of the most important Quranic educational approaches, such as education though glorifications, comparisons, instructions, guidance, attraction, threats, dialogue, the good example, culpability, providing evidence, developing resemblance, and repetition. The study has revealed that the educational Qur’anic approach is crucial in shaping a consistent personality of the believer. It also has underscored how the Qur‘an includes educational approaches comparable to modern educational approaches, and that it has a significant influence on deepening people’s theological knowledge and enhancing their code of behavior to achieve, hereby, happiness in this world and be rewarded in the hereafter.


Quran, education, approaches, means, language, and Al-Hadid Sura..



AlOmari, A. &  

Mahmoud, H.


  The Educational approach included in Al-Hadid Sura.

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