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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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Volume 20, Issue No 1, 2017

The procedural system for collateral appeal in Jordanian civil procedure law

Pages: 9 - 24

An appeal is a way to challenge the judicial decisions submitted by the party that is not satisfied with the decision of the court. An appeal is submitted to a higher court in order to reform the potential fault in the judicial decision which, as a result, can either be modified or cancelled. One of the parties might be satisfied with the judicial decision, or does not appeal to the court within the time limit for the appeal based on the fact that the other party does not appeal to the court. However, in case the other party submits an appeal to the court, the Law of Civil Procedures allows the first party to submit a collateral appeal even if the time limit of the ordinary appeal has expired; in this case, the appeal is either collateral or cross appeal. This study will define the collateral appeal and will deal with the conditions of submitting it, the importance of paying the legal fees, the conditions that prevent the submission of the collateral appeal, and the contents of the collateral appeal list. The study will also show the relationship between the original appeal and the collateral appeal, compare the original appeal with the cross appeal, explore its problems that relate to how collateral appeals can be prevented, the contents of the list of cross appeals, and the possibility of submitting a collateral for the resumption conciliation provisions or making consequential exception......

Martial Silence and its Relation with Martial Adjustment among Palestinian Spouses

Pages: 25 - 41

This study aims to identify spousal silence and its relation to psychological adjustment among Palestinian spouses. lt also investigates the differences in spousal silence according to some independent variables. A random sample of 300 families has been selected. Both the Spousal Silence Scale and the F’sychological Adjustment Scale are administered with remarkable coefficients of reliability and validity. The results show that the psychological adjustment is high among Palestinian spouses, and the spousal silence is moderate. The results also indicate that husbands have spousal silence higher than that perceived by wives. The results also show no differences in the spousal silence among the spouses due to the place of residence, the duration of marriage, and qualification. Moreover, the results show a negative correlation between spousal silence and psychological adjustment. The study recommends that marital silence should be given more attention because it leads to emotional divorce and other family problems......

The Educational approach included in Al-Hadid Sura

Pages: 43 - 61

The study aims to show the educational approaches included in A/-Hadid Sura. This will be done through emphasizing the linguistic patterns utilized in the Sura as a means of communication. The importance of the study stems from the fact that the linguistic educational approach has had a major role in making people accept the principles of Islam. The article makes use of the inductive/deductive approach. It is structured along two sections: the first introduces Al-Hadid Sura, its virtues, the implication of its title, and the most important subjects it deals with. The second section is concerned with introducing the concept of education and educational approaches, a presentation of some of the most important Quranic educational approaches, such as education though glorifications, comparisons, instructions, guidance, attraction, threats, dialogue, the good example, culpability, providing evidence, developing resemblance, and repetition. The study has revealed that the educational Qur’anic approach is crucial in shaping a consistent personality of the believer. It also has underscored how the Qur‘an includes educational approaches comparable to modern educational approaches, and that it has a significant influence on deepening people’s theological knowledge and enhancing their code of behavior to achieve, hereby, happiness in this world and be rewarded in the hereafter......

The provisions of the evacuation and the recovery of the leased property at the Expiration of the contract in the Jordanian Law of owners and tenants: An Analytical and Applied Study

Pages: 63 - 84

In the Jordanian Law of Owners and Tenants, the Jordanian legislator has specified the provisions of the evacuation and the recovery of the leased property at the expiration of the contract. As such, there have been specific procedures to be followed if the owners are to recover their leased property at the expiration of the contract. The judge of the specialized court is the one to look at the urgent cases. This judge can be exempted from looking at the emergency causes when considering the application. This is the case in view of the fact that the legislator has already referred the case to the judge in a particular text stating the emergency cause. The study concludes that the provisions of evacuation and recovery of the leased property based on an urgency and on the purpose of not inflicting harm on the ones who are entitled to their right as ordained by the legislator of urgency cases are unsuitable. Also, the study concludes that it is necessary to draft a legal procedure that makes the tenant evacuate the leased property at the expiration of the contract immediately and upon taking the case to the court and not through urgent judicature. We concluded to the inadequacy and insufflsance of provisions vacating and repossession of the leased asset with the nature of summary proceedings court, Which based on urgency and non-discussion The subject of the dispute, and the need to develop a special legal regulation for vacating and repossession The leased asset in case of expiration of the term of the contract, based on the speed of deciding this Case through special provisions and within the scope of the lawsuit objectivity and not through summary procedings court......

The impact of computer software on print advertising Design: an analytical study

Pages: 85 - 109

The advertisement is no longer an idea designed and presented to the public. Rather, it has become instrumental in the process of achieving persuasion and attracting interest in the product and its worth. After the introduction of computer software for advertising, the elements and the technical aspects of advertising have become decisive in determining the success of any advertisement. As such, the problem that the research presents is based on a set of questions. The most important question is whether the level of manually executed advertisement are different from those based on the computer and whether they have any mental impact. The aim of the research is to detect the differences between the manual-based advertisement and the computer-based ones. lt also discusses operational techniques used in the computer-based advertisements. The researcher adopted the analytical descriptive method for analyzing the advertisement samples that reached 70 of the total research society (200 advertisements). The research offers a set of conclusions and recommendations. There is a clear variation in the level of manually executed advertisements and digitally executed advertisements in terms of design and output. There is also a need to adopt both old designing methods like having a painter, and modern methods based on computer graphics. The use of both modern techniques especially in the field of technical drawings and traditional techniques can result in worthy advertisements......

Obstacles to the use of e learning from the perspective of secondary school students in the directorate of education for the first Amman Region.

Pages: 111 - 123

The study aims to identify the obstacles to the use of e-learning from the perspective of secondary school students in the Directorate of Education for the First Amman Region. It also proposes solutions for those obstacles. The sample of the study consisted of 350 students who randomly selected from secondary schools in the Directorate of Education for the First Amman Region during the second semester of the academic year 2013/2014. The results showed that high school students in the Directorate of Education For the First Amman Region face many obstacles in the field of e-learning. Those include the large number of students, the lack of equipment in the lab, the inadequacy of laboratory computers to support the applications of modern e-learning methods, the administration’s failure to monitor the learning process, the inadequacy of the facilities provided by the school to offer effective e-learning applications, lack of continuous training that is based on the utilization of modern developments to enhance e-learning, and lack of strategies that promote e-learning. The results also showed that there are no differences in the level of statistical significance(u = 0.05) in the obstacles of e-learning faced by secondary school students whether from the industrial, the scientific, or the literary track in the Directorate of Education for the first Amman region. Based on these results, the researcher recommends the following: establishing laboratories with appropriate spaces and providing them with a sufficient number of modern devices, training students on how to use the laboratories and providing appropriate support to use e- learning to enhance students’ Abilities And their communication with teachers, and providing adequate facilities to improve e-learning Applications......

The Relationship between Interest Rate Fluctuations and the Amman Stock Exchange and Real Estate: An Analytical Study

Pages: 11 - 21

This paper aims to identify the relationship between interest rate fluctuations, the Jordanian markets of stocks, and real estate in terms of trading volume, the price index of the stock market in general, and the shares of the Jordanian real estate companies listed in Amman Stock Exchange as the Jordanian representative of the real estate market. The study was conducted on the period of 2000-2008, given the substantial fluctuations in the interest rate that those years witnessed. Through the use of Pearsons Correlation Coefficient, the study concluded the following: First, there is a positive and strong relationship between interest rate fluctuations and the price index of Amman Stock Exchange. Second, the relationship between interest rate fluctuations and the price index of construction companies is positive with a weak relationship. Third, there is a weak relationship between interest rate fluctuations and the trading volume in the two markets; Finally, Amman Stock Exchange is more sensitive than real estate market to fluctuations of interest rate......

The Aesthetics of Jerusalem Butterflies and the Illusion of Resistance

Pages: 23 - 41

In Sonata for Jerusalem Ghost (SJG) (2009), Waciny Laredj, the Algerian-French novelist, engages with one of the most, if not the most, pivotal cases that have dominated the Arab political and socio- cultural scene for more than seventy decades, namely: the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Laredj utilizes an interdisciplinary approach informed by postmodern, psychoanalytical, postcolonial, and ecological rhetoric to deal with issues pertaining to occupation, displacement, the nostalgia for the homeland, the problem of hybrid identity, and others. Elemental ecology operates as a discursive proxy that links up the different disciplines in SJG. Exploring the dynamics of this operation, I will underscore the role that Laredjs utilization of interdisciplinary plays in articulating a feasible — or a potentially blurred — concept of resistance in a Palestinian context. The different disciplines that Laredj utilizes are anchored on postmodern predisposition and ethics. Accordingly, I will explore if (and how) such ethics renders the potential of ‘resistance ‘in the novel captive to possibilities of freedom and justice defined by a postmodern and global/Western rhetoric rather than by political ethics particularly germane to the Palestinian condition. In the process, I will show if SJG is an “aestheticized politics that ultimately generates no more than a sense of “artistic gratification consummated in the slogan “l’art pour l’art”......

Naomi Shihab Nye’s Sitti’s Secrets: Poetics of Homeland

Pages: 43 - 58

Sitti’s Secrets (SS) was published in 1994, one year after the Oslo Accords, which saw the Palestinians sign peace agreements with Israel. The Accords, which led to the creation of the Palestinian Authority, an interim entity to govern the West Bank and Gaza, “promised much, though in reality delivered very little that was tangible” (Hastedt & Lybeck, 2014,p. 71). But Nye was writing at a time when the Accords still exercised a hold on the global imagination with the promise of lasting peace in the region. This paper seeks to examine the story as an affective articulation of Nye’s vision of the past and the future of her fathers homeland. Nye uses the story to create an affective-discursive landscape that enunciates an essentialist, one might even argue reductionist, vision of Palestine, but such essentialism is deployed strategically to serve a political message about Palestinian rights, history and rootedness, and the hope for peace......

Performance Evaluation for Private Higher Education institutions Using Balanced Scorecard

Pages: 59 - 91

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the use of balanced scorecard (BSC) specifically key Performance indicators (KPls) to establish a reference for performance evaluation in private higher Education institutions. The paper first introduces related literature review, and then presents the proposed KPls that are carefully chosen for performance evaluation in private higher education institutions ‘Then, The proposed KPls are validated by applying it to five private universities in Jordan and one benchmark International university one of these universities was named to be the Jordanian standard university after Comparing the performance results of the five universities with a benchmark international university.....

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