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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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The Most Powerful Saying in The litigation Definition to AlSheikh Hamed Afand Al-Amadi Al- Demashki Alhanafi

Volume 5, Issue No 1, 1997

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Pages: 137 - 165


This manuscript is of a special importance to those who are interested in studying the issue of legal case in the science of jurisdiction based on the Sharia law. The author had done its best to compile , Surnerize and arrange the general rules of legal case in a simple and easy way. The first Part of this research is devoted to study the anther and to introduce to the manuscript Meanwhile. the second part is devoted to authentication of the manuscript, tracing the quotation to its origins, and the Quranic verses Prophetic Traditions to its Original sources, and explanation of certain issues

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Sharia law-jurisdiction.

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