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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 5, Issue No 1, 1997

The Institutional Centralization for Deposits and the Impact on Jordanian Banks Earnings.

Pages: 13 - 38

Jordanian banks face external and internal challenges which lead to a decrease in their profitability. This is the topic of this research. The market share of deposits among banks varies greatly. The largest three banks have about 60 of all deposits while all other banks have the remaining 40 . The study used a model with six independent variables that have an impact on profitability. Statistical analysis of these variables using SPSS shows no clear evidence of a connection between profitability and deposit size. It also shows a number of relationships which may be of interest to bankers. For example, the evidence shows a negative relationship between the cost of deposit sources and profitability; a positive relationship between wages and profitability; no relationships between loan size, capital to asserts ratio, the growth of money supply on one hand, and profitability on the other hand.....

The Relationship Between the Change of Prices General level and Shares Change in Jordan

Pages: 39 - 59

This study aims to investigate whether changes in general prices level, measured by the cost of living index (CLI), has any effect on share prices fluctuations, measured by share price index{SP1}. A mathematical model has been developed for this purpose, where the SPI is considered as the dependent variable influenced by the independent variable ~ CLI. Statistical data used in the analysis was collected on a monthly basis for the period of December 93 - June 1996, A possible use of the model is to help traders as well as government policy makers to understand share prices change and utilize such knowledge for their own purposes. The model which has been developed indicated that share prices are not subject to changes in general prices level, rather they moved independently. This result encouraged me to investigate, whether general prices changes affect share prices after sometime of its occurrence; therefore, I adjusted the model by introducing lag - time effect into it. Ten different attempts were made, with it lagged - time of one month between one and the other. But, again the results we obtained were almost similar to the previous one. Finally, a deficiency might exist in the indices figures which cause these results, or, fluctuations in share prices are not, indeed, affected by general prices level changes.....

The Most Powerful Saying in The litigation Definition to AlSheikh Hamed Afand Al-Amadi Al- Demashki Alhanafi

Pages: 137 - 165

This manuscript is of a special importance to those who are interested in studying the issue of legal case in the science of jurisdiction based on the Sharia law. The author had done its best to compile , Surnerize and arrange the general rules of legal case in a simple and easy way. The first Part of this research is devoted to study the anther and to introduce to the manuscript Meanwhile. the second part is devoted to authentication of the manuscript, tracing the quotation to its origins, and the Quranic verses Prophetic Traditions to its Original sources, and explanation of certain issues.....

Comments on Alaghani Book Parts 19.20.21

Pages: 167 - 261

This Article calls attention to the followings: (1) The Author’s mistakes in some news, His committing talfik (which means composing in poetry on verse from two or more by error), and his mis construct in some words. (2) Many mistakes of the copyist through his mis construct and tasheef (which means changing the points of the words that causes wrong meanings). (3) The vinificator’s negligence to refer to the very important references in his work, his mistakes in Dhabt hil shakle (which means showing the right way of reading the words), and in explaining the meaning of poetry. Any Remissness in the varication, the commander of the verification is responsible for it as well. (4) This Article is useful for specialists in Arabic literature, the readers of Kitab Alaghani especially of the same publishers, and it is highly useful to any one who is about to verifacte Kitab Al-Aghani for a new publish.....

Update On T-Cell Recognition Of Viral Antigens With Particular Reference to Cytomegalovirus

Pages: 11 - 39

Vertebrates possess a surveillance mechanism, called the immune system, that protects them from disease - causing (pathogenic) microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, form parasites and from cancer cells. Some viruses are regularly lethal for particular host species; other regularly establish persistent infections, often for life. At other times the immune response fails to eliminate the virus. This review is an update on the role of the immune response in recovery from viral infection and resistance to reinfection. The features are surveyed of modern immunology as relevant to virology......

Power Spectral Analysis of Signal with Time-Varying Characteristics

Pages: 41 - 60

During the past two decades, the spectrogram method has widely used to analyze the characteristic of non-stationary signals. In this paper, two of the power intensity of the signal algorithms for time- frequency characteristic of non-stationary signal are proposed, tested and compared to standard schemes. The first algorithm is based on the continuous time-frequency characteristic and the second is based on the discrete time-frequency characteristic. The performance of each algorithm is evaluated and compared to the existing standard spectrogram analysis. The results show that the proposed power intensity waveform analysis provides very good performance in both continuous and discrete time - frequency characteristic for classical evaluation criteria, and for the preservation of data statistics. The Fourier transform of the intensity of signals is computed in continuous and discrete form. Two methods for the digital implementation of the proposed algorithm are suggested and described. Moreover, It is shown that this algorithm is useful for detecting possible nonstationary of signals. Comparisons of the result with multiresolution analysis reveals that the prepared algorithm has better frequency resolution whereas the wavelet transforms shows higher time resolution.....

Survey Of Productivity Measurement Techniques And Application To Five Major Natural Resources Industries In Jordan

Pages: 61 - 84

The productivity of five major Jordanian industries contributing 60 in the industrial sector production was studied 1; I wish to thank the two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments with respect to a number of issues raised in this article and analyzed. The Multi-Factor Productivity Measurement Model (MFPMM) was applied to study the relationship between productivity, price recovery and profitability. The study revealed that the subject companies have increased their profits through price recovery and not productivity. Fluctuations in partial and total productivities for each company was also analyzed during the period of study (1986 - 1988).....

Contraceptive Used By Palestinian Women In The Past Five Decades

Pages: 85 - 104

The developmental use of contraceptives over the past five decade (1940 - 1988) has been studied among 1218 married Palestinian women residing in the West Bank. Nearly two-thirds (61.5) of the women in this study reported using contraceptives. Modern types of contraceptives (pills and intra-uterine device) were used by 45.7 of the women; traditional methods (rhythm, withdrawal and breast feeding) accounted for 12.2; sterilization constituted 2.3; and the social methods (husband’s absence, wildwood, divorce) were reported by 1.3 of the sample. Barrier contraceptives (condom, cap, sponge and diaphragm) were not reported, however, by any of the women. A strong relationship was found between the social values and the type of contraceptives employed by women (only a negligible percentage resorted to sterilization for birth control). Educated women used contraceptives more than their uneducated counterparts. Moreover, regional differences between urban and rural users are quite substantial. However, these differences can be attributed to economic and educational variances rather than real regional ones.....

Multiple Wh-Question in Arabic

Pages: 105 - 135

The main concern of this paper is to investigate the syntactic properties of multiple wh-Questions in Arabic. An adequate account for handling this important phenomenon in the grammar mi Archie ‘Will be proposed, It will be shown that in addition to S-structure and D- structure, Arabic possesses a third level of representation, that is, logical form (LF). It will be argued that while wh-movement at S- structure is a substitution process, at LF it is an adjunction process. It will also be demonstrated that the Empty Category Principle at LF plays a crucial role in explaining the well - formedness conditions placed on the generation and movement of multiple wh-questions in Arabic......

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