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Comments on Alaghani Book Parts 19.20.21

Volume 5, Issue No 1, 1997

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Pages: 167 - 261


This Article calls attention to the followings: (1) The Author’s mistakes in some news, His committing talfik (which means composing in poetry on verse from two or more by error), and his mis construct in some words. (2) Many mistakes of the copyist through his mis construct and tasheef (which means changing the points of the words that causes wrong meanings). (3) The vinificator’s negligence to refer to the very important references in his work, his mistakes in Dhabt hil shakle (which means showing the right way of reading the words), and in explaining the meaning of poetry. Any Remissness in the varication, the commander of the verification is responsible for it as well. (4) This Article is useful for specialists in Arabic literature, the readers of Kitab Alaghani especially of the same publishers, and it is highly useful to any one who is about to verifacte Kitab Al-Aghani for a new publish

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