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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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The Effect of Work Stress on Work Motivation to The Jordanian Senate Staff.

Volume 13, Issue No 2, 2010

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The study aims at exploring the level of work stress and motivation, and the effect of work stress on work motivation, taking in to account the point of view of the Jordanian Senate staff. The study was conducted on a population of (165) persons and the number of respondents was (130), which represent (78.7) of the total number. The study includes an independent variable, (work stress) and a dependent variable (work motivation). The researchers used a tool which was created by Zoubi (2003), but it has been adjusted and developed to suit the nature of work in the senate. The tool includes (47) items in the area of work stress, and (53) items in the area of work motivation. The work stress variable includes eight areas, whereas the work motivation variable included five areas. The results of the study have been reached, using means, and linear regression. The most significant findings show that: l. There is a general moderate level of work stress, and there is a general high level of work motivation. 2. There is a statistical significant effect of work stress on work motivation. In the light of the above mentioned results‘ the researchers came up with several recommendations.

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Work Stress- Work Motivation.

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