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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

ISSN (Print Version): 1684-0615

ISSN (Online Version): 2616-2814

Volume 13, Issue No 2, 2010

Criminal Court’s Power to Summon Witnesses by Itself.

Pages: 15 - 56

In Criminal Cases; the burden of proving a crime; and offender guilt fall responsibility on the prosecutor, and a defendant to criminal charge, have the right disprove to the evidence admitted to criminal court. The basic rule is the two parties admit their witnesses to criminal court within tightly system rules. Calling witnesses is one of the important evidence in criminal trial process; the Jordanian legislator (by s.l6l, 226 Criminal procedures law 1961) who authorizes judges in criminal cases, the power to summon new witness. We achieve within this research, that legal and current problem, and basic rules govern this power, and the resolutions deal with the legal and current problems.....

Promotion Strategy of Jordanian Islamic Banks in the Globalization Era

Pages: 57 - 76

Jordanian Islamic bank (JIB) has Found itself, facing the challenge of globalization, in need to adopt promotional strategy that helps in facing the local and international challenges, especially aftermath of the 11th of Sept. events. In order to test the hypothesis, of the study a questionnaire was distributed among the objective sample of personnel in the senior management in each of the JIBs included in the study, To analyze the responses and comments of the sample, the researcher used the averages; he also used T-test to test the study‘s hypothesis‘ The study shows an acceptable degree of response from the JIBs using from the economical liberalization to promote the Islamic economic theory and Islamic banking The study shows also that JIB will use globalization to cooperate with other Islamic banks abroad .In addition it adopts promotional strategies to enter new markets and penetrate in the current ones......

The Effect of Work Stress on Work Motivation to The Jordanian Senate Staff.

Pages: 77 - 108

The study aims at exploring the level of work stress and motivation, and the effect of work stress on work motivation, taking in to account the point of view of the Jordanian Senate staff. The study was conducted on a population of (165) persons and the number of respondents was (130), which represent (78.7) of the total number. The study includes an independent variable, (work stress) and a dependent variable (work motivation). The researchers used a tool which was created by Zoubi (2003), but it has been adjusted and developed to suit the nature of work in the senate. The tool includes (47) items in the area of work stress, and (53) items in the area of work motivation. The work stress variable includes eight areas, whereas the work motivation variable included five areas. The results of the study have been reached, using means, and linear regression. The most significant findings show that: l. There is a general moderate level of work stress, and there is a general high level of work motivation. 2. There is a statistical significant effect of work stress on work motivation. In the light of the above mentioned results‘ the researchers came up with several recommendations......

The Effectiveness of the Application of Total Quality System in the Housing and finance Bank

Pages: 109 - 146

This study aims at evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of comprehensive (T Q S) and proceeds to Housing and Finance Bank of Jordan and the impact of that system on the performance and efficiency of banking operations and services provided by that bank, employees satisfaction and client and the extent of the contribution to the achievement of additional financial returns. The achievement of the goal of this study was the use of tools comprehensive assessment of financial and non-financial. The researcher used the method of financial analysis of the statements of the Housing Bank For the period prior to the application of the total quality and after application, in addition to hiring from questionnaires for the purpose of knowledge of how successful the bank is in achieving the goals that can not be calculated quantity. The number of Form was l20 questionnaires were distributed on various branches of the bank analysis of the data was made by using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study found positive results from the application of comprehensive quality system with respect to some indicators, including high return on assets and lower operating expenses and the high rate of growth of deposits and client satisfaction and results dissatisfactory of productivity and efficiency of investment assets and profitable rate of return for equity and liquidity. The study recommends the need for the Housing Bank to benefit from the application of total quality system by focusing on raising efficiency of the bank productivity in the lucrative exploitation of its assets to raise the level of liquidity and profitability of the banks equity in activating the financial and non-financial standard to measure the financial efficiency of the bank and banking development in order to achieve the objectives of the total quality system with respect to Standard employees satisfaction and clients for the importance of their contribution to the increase in returns of the bank......

The characteristics of investment environment in Jordan , from the foreign investors point of view.

Pages: 147 - 170

The aim of this paper is to investigate the evaluating investment environment in Jordan from the foreign investor‘s point of view. Data are collected through the identification from the four dimensions namely; economic infrastructure, environmental economic and legislation, legal security and political stability. The study was done on 70 questionnaires distributed on foreign investors, and (40) were valid to statistical analysis which equivalent 57. 1 of the study universe. The study used (SPSS) for analyzing data to estimate : Averages, Standard deviations and T- Test. Statistical analysis shows that the level of the economic infrastructure and basic services in Jordan is suitable for foreign investments and the stability of the JD exchange rate and the availability of foreign exchange. The study found that the open economic policies of the factors help to attract investment. Furthermore, the study suggests that there is a need for greater exploitation of groundwater and monetary policies to reduce the inflation and to ensure the stability of laws. Finally, adjust legislation help to provide the foreign investors more labor forces......

Exceeding the Limits of the Agency by the Agent in the Jordanian Civil Law Comparative Study

Pages: 171 - 213

The Jordanian legislator allows contracting by the person himself or through an agent who may confine to the limits ordained to him in the agency contact or exceed these limits. This article discusses the subject of exceeding the limits of the agency by the agent in the Jordanian law. It is divided into three main parts: a preliminary part discusses the definition of agency and the differentiation from other types of deputyship; pan one discusses the effect of dispositions made by the agent who exceeds the limits drawn in the agency; part two discusses the cases in which the effect of the dispositions made the agent due to the original even though the agent has exceeded the limits of the agency. At the end of the article the conclusion and recommendations are stated......

How Firm Specific Characteristics Determine Capital Structure: Empirical Evidence

Pages: 13 - 34

The purpose of this study is to investigate how firm-specific characteristics determine capital structure as empirical evidence on Jordanian firms listed on Amman exchange market. In which study covers 80 firms (55) manufacturing and (25) service firms for the period (2001 - 2006). The study used ordinary least squares (OLS) regression technique to provide an evidence how firm—specific characteristics presented by tangible assets, size, growth, profitability and risk which is derived from tradeoff and pecking order theories to determine capital structure presented by short term debt ratio, long term debt ratio and total debt ratio. Furthermore, the regression results proved that firm characteristics play important role to determine capital structure......

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