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The Effectiveness of the Application of Total Quality System in the Housing and finance Bank

Volume 13, Issue No 2, 2010

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This study aims at evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of comprehensive (T Q S) and proceeds to Housing and Finance Bank of Jordan and the impact of that system on the performance and efficiency of banking operations and services provided by that bank, employees satisfaction and client and the extent of the contribution to the achievement of additional financial returns. The achievement of the goal of this study was the use of tools comprehensive assessment of financial and non-financial. The researcher used the method of financial analysis of the statements of the Housing Bank For the period prior to the application of the total quality and after application, in addition to hiring from questionnaires for the purpose of knowledge of how successful the bank is in achieving the goals that can not be calculated quantity. The number of Form was l20 questionnaires were distributed on various branches of the bank analysis of the data was made by using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study found positive results from the application of comprehensive quality system with respect to some indicators, including high return on assets and lower operating expenses and the high rate of growth of deposits and client satisfaction and results dissatisfactory of productivity and efficiency of investment assets and profitable rate of return for equity and liquidity. The study recommends the need for the Housing Bank to benefit from the application of total quality system by focusing on raising efficiency of the bank productivity in the lucrative exploitation of its assets to raise the level of liquidity and profitability of the banks equity in activating the financial and non-financial standard to measure the financial efficiency of the bank and banking development in order to achieve the objectives of the total quality system with respect to Standard employees satisfaction and clients for the importance of their contribution to the increase in returns of the bank.

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Finance Bank-Quality System.

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