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Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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Exceeding the Limits of the Agency by the Agent in the Jordanian Civil Law Comparative Study

Volume 13, Issue No 2, 2010

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Pages: 171 - 213


The Jordanian legislator allows contracting by the person himself or through an agent who may confine to the limits ordained to him in the agency contact or exceed these limits. This article discusses the subject of exceeding the limits of the agency by the agent in the Jordanian law. It is divided into three main parts: a preliminary part discusses the definition of agency and the differentiation from other types of deputyship; pan one discusses the effect of dispositions made by the agent who exceeds the limits drawn in the agency; part two discusses the cases in which the effect of the dispositions made the agent due to the original even though the agent has exceeded the limits of the agency. At the end of the article the conclusion and recommendations are stated.

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Jordanian Civil Law -Agency.

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