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Deanship of Scientific Research
Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan

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Contemporary Issues in the History of Jordan Textbooks for Second Secondary Grade

Volume 21, Issue No 2, 2018

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Pages: 63 - 85


This study aims at revealing the space that the History of Jordan Textbook for the Second Secondary grade allocates to contemporary issues. The sample of the study was composed of the above textbook, which is authorized by the Ministry of Education for the academic year (2016/2017). The researcher has developed a tool to analyze the content of the textbook which in fact includes some contemporary issues in four areas: citizenship, intolerance, political freedom and terrorism. The validity of the tool was verified. The coefficient of stability was 0.82. The above contemporary issues were repeated (652) times, distributed as follows: Citizenship issues (383), 58.74, intolerance cases (113), 17.33 (12.42), and terrorism cases (75) by (11.50). The researcher recommended to include in the textbook causes that lead to terrorism and intolerance and some of their negative effects for the purpose of promoting a culture of resistance against them.

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Contemporary Issues, History of Jordan, Citizenship, Intolerance, Political Freedom, Terrorism.

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