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Volume 21, Issue No 2, 2018

Analysis of the General Budget of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan )2005-2015(

Pages: 9 - 24

The study aimed to identify the ability and accuracy in estimating revenues and expenditures by the executive authority in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the years 2005-2015. The importance of the study stems from the fact that it is characterized by the fact that it examines the accuracy of the estimation of expenditures and revenues of the public budget, which are linked to capital projects. The problem of the study is that the scarcity of resources in general affects the ability of the executive authority in the Kingdom of Jordan to prepare an estimated budget closer to the actual reality of revenues and expenditures. Therefore, the analytical descriptive methodology was used to determine the correlation and causal relations between the variables of the study that will explain the picture to the government decision makers in preparing the general budget. The study concluded that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is able to prepare a budget close to the actual reality. This is a unique phenomenon in developing countries. The study recommended the adoption of information technology on the development of the strategies on which the budget is based......

Economic openness and its impact on economic growth: An Analytical study of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the years 1995-2015

Pages: 25 - 48

Jordan is one of the countries that have been concerned, especially in the last two decades, with the development of the foreign trade sector as an indicator of economic openness and as an important tool to raise the economic growth rate to achieve reasonable levels of prosperity for Jordanian citizens. Foreign trade is economically important as a driver of economic growth. The study draws its importance on its analysis of the economic implications of the Jordanian economys orientation towards policies of economic openness with the outside world, considering the fact that globalization and privatization are expanding globally. The study aims to identify the concept of economic openness and stages of growth. It also aims to analyze the reality of the trade balance and its impact on economic growth in Jordan for the years 1995-1995. In addition, it seeks to measure the economic and development impact of the foreign trade sector. The researchers used the analytical descriptive approach for its suitability to the subject of the study. They analyzed the reality of the Jordanian economy through providing figures offered by official sources. The study concluded that the economic openness did not contribute much in the growth of the Jordanian economy and in its exposure to the outside world. This is so because Jordanian economy was directly affected by global economic crisis, which reflected the fragility of the Jordanian commercial policy that led to sustainable deficit in this policy that worsened over time. This policy proved that it was not temporary or contingent; in fact it led to a relative stability in the unemployment rate in the Jordanian market. The study recommends that it is crucial to attend to the local market through an increased public expenditure and stimulation of total demand through minimizing the commercial deficit and the achievement of reasonable rates in economic growth. Jordan needs to adopt balanced economic policies based on maximizing domestic resources and investment in productive sectors of the economy instead of relying on privatization programs......

Economic and Differential Factors of Financial Performance and their Impact on Market Value Added to Jordanian Commercial Banks

Pages: 49 - 61

The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of the economic factors (Gross Domestic Product, Inflation, and Interest rate) on the added market value. The impact of these factors is studied in the light of the different of factors characteristic of financial performance (factors resulting from analysis of the financial performance indicators) collectively and individually. For the purpose of testing the study, the data variables were collected through the annual financial reports of the Central Bank of Jordan and the annual financial statements of commercial banks of Jordan (the study sample) for the period between 2005-2014. Based on the empirical evidence, the results showed a great significant effect of the study variables collectively where R2 showed (70) of the change in the added market value. While results showed a poor effect of each of the factors (economic factors, and distinguishing factors of financial performance) individually. Based on these results, the study presents a set of recommendations. The most important of which were the need to offer Jordanian commercial banks with the necessary orientation to use the standard market value added as one of the criteria for evaluating the strategic financial performance of the banks in the long term, and also the need to have harmonization between economic financial factors and differential factors of financial performance to be able to predict the current and future strategic financial performance......

Contemporary Issues in the History of Jordan Textbooks for Second Secondary Grade

Pages: 63 - 85

This study aims at revealing the space that the History of Jordan Textbook for the Second Secondary grade allocates to contemporary issues. The sample of the study was composed of the above textbook, which is authorized by the Ministry of Education for the academic year (2016/2017). The researcher has developed a tool to analyze the content of the textbook which in fact includes some contemporary issues in four areas: citizenship, intolerance, political freedom and terrorism. The validity of the tool was verified. The coefficient of stability was 0.82. The above contemporary issues were repeated (652) times, distributed as follows: Citizenship issues (383), 58.74, intolerance cases (113), 17.33 (12.42), and terrorism cases (75) by (11.50). The researcher recommended to include in the textbook causes that lead to terrorism and intolerance and some of their negative effects for the purpose of promoting a culture of resistance against them......

The Role of University Education in Directing Architects towards Conserving the Sustainability of the Urban Cultural Heritage (Comparative Study)

Pages: 87 - 108

University architectural education aims to graduate architects with abilities and potentials that fulfil the demands of the labor market. The university study plans contribute significantly to the formation of the students’ architectural thinking and provide them with the necessary knowledge of the heritage of their country. In addition, the rapid advance in communication technology gives them the chance to be exposed to and affected by modern global projects. This study aims to measure the extent to which students are affected by the urban cultural heritage and to investigate underlying principles of the educational process and factors that influence the orientations of thought among architects and interior designers in both Gaza and Amman cities. The study uses three tools: a questionnaire distributed to a random sample of architects and interior designers who graduated in the years from 2010 to 2015, analysis of graduation projects prepared in recent years and were based on urban cultural heritage, and analysis of the academic plans of the department of architecture and the department of interior design. The research concluded that the academic plans include few courses only that present conceptions of traditional architecture. Furthermore, few students utilized traditional concepts and elements in their graduation projects. Most of the questionnaire respondents support the need to preserve the traditional architecture. The study shows that the most important dynamics that affect the intellectual trends of the respondents are: the need to meet the demands of the users and the exposure to regional and international projects—the last confirms the significant impact globalization has on respondent architects’ choices......

The Role of the Prophetic Approach in the Alleviation of Poverty and Unemployment and the Attainment of Economic Progress

Pages: 109 - 145

Many nations struggle with poverty and unemployment. Laziness, infidelity or subordination to the dominant powers in the world are some of the causes behind this struggle. The dominant powers benefit a great deal out of maintaining poverty in many countries. This situation enables them to sustain their militant, technological, political and economic control over those countries. Islam, however, offers solutions to solve the problem of poverty and unemployment and hence put an end to those serious dilemmas. This study aims at showing the role that the prophetic approach can play in reducing poverty and unemployment and in achieving economic development and prosperity. The study consists of four chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter provides definitions of both phenomena: poverty and unemployment. The second chapter introduces the Islamic attitude towards poverty and unemployment. The third chapter explores how the prophetic approach can reduce poverty and unemployment. The fourth chapter shows how the prophetic approach can help in achieving economic prosperity. The conclusion offers recommendations that help in the process of eradicating poverty and unemployment and achieving progress in the economy of some poor countries......

The Effectiveness of the Training Program Based on Swimming and on the Theory of Movement Awareness Developed by Kivart on ADHD

Pages: 147 - 168

The Present study aimed to find out how effective the training program based on swimming and on Kephart’s Perceptual Motor theory in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The sample of this study consisted of (8) children, all of whom were girls and all were affected with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The girls were selected from the Schools in Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. Their age ranged from six to eight years old. To achieve the purpose of the study, one group design (N=8) children, a measurement for estimating behavior of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and a training program were used. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences in relation to ADHD measurement from the point of view of all mothers and in its effect on the pre-measurement and post-measurement in favor of the post. It also showed that there were no statistically significant differences on the measurement as a whole and its effect on both the post-measurement and the follow-up measurement three weeks after the end of the program......

The Standard of the Quality of Teaching Performance of Faculty Members of Al-Ahliyya Amman University Reference to the Requirements of Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Pages: 169 - 193

This study aims to introduce the quality of teaching performance of the faculty members of Al-Ahliyyah Amman University (AAU) in Jordan and the effect of certain variables as pertaining to to sex, age, academic rank and years of experience on the quality of teaching performance of those faculty members. A questionaire of 33 items was used, having been checked for validity and stability, to measure the quality of teaching performance of AAU faculty members. The qustionaire was distributed among 203 faculty members from both scientific colleges and humanities colleges. The results of the study revealed that the overall estimation for the quality of teaching in AAU was high according to the comprehensive quality requirements for the four fields of study. The field of scientific research had the highest score, while the field of community service had the lowest score (average estimation). The study also showed that there was no statistical significance ensued from variables of sex, age, academic ranks, or years of experience......

Preliminary Study on Citizens’ Satisfaction of E-Government Services in Jordan

Pages: 27 - 36

Contemporary governments all over the world are investing in finding new e-service provision approaches as well as improving their existing channels to be matched with citizen’s needs and hence increase citizens’ satisfaction. Citizens’ satisfaction is considered as a prerequisite to e-government adoption, usage and diffusion. This research aims at studying the impact of system quality, information quality, trust, and privacy on Jordanian citizens’ satisfaction with e-government services. The study shows that all the identified factors in the proposed research model would have an impact on Jordanian citizens’ satisfaction with e-government services......

Toward a Sustainable Architectural Education: The Case of Jordan

Pages: 9 - 25

This study was commissioned by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC) to assess the quality of the architecture education undergraduate program curriculum in Jordan in response to social, cultural, environmental and technological transformations. The key questions addressed in this study explore: - Sustainability of the curricula for architectural education towards professional practice. - Learning outcomes: Providing graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the current professional demands of the market. - Program structure: curricular models for environmental education and digital architecture. This research examines the present curriculum framework based on certain benchmarks based on the application of several descriptive, qualitative and quantitative methods. The outcome aims at proposing useful orientation that includes more effective educational model to grant access to professional practice as developed by most regulatory bodies around the world......

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