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The Adequacy of Legal Premises within Anti-Terrorism Legislation

Volume 22, Issue No 2, 2019

Pages: 57 - 80

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This research discusses the basic legal premises that constitute the general philosophy and motivations to legislate anti-terrorism within an analytical legal framework. These premises represent the basic pillars in combating terrorism within the framework of the constitutional state and the protection of human rights. The first pillar is protection, which includes the protection of properties and people. The second is precautionary which is related to the procedures and measures imposed by the governing bodies aiming at preventing terrorism crime. The third pillar is tracking and investigating all people suspected of having terrorism inclination, including sources of financing terrorism crimes; and the fourth pillar is pursuing those who committed a terrorism crime by inflicting the most severe types of punishment.


Premises, Legal, Combating, Terrorism.



Thniebat, M.


  The Adequacy of Legal Premises within Anti-Terrorism Legislation.

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