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Open Access Journal

Volume 22, Issue No 2, 2019

The Adequacy of Legal Premises within Anti-Terrorism Legislation

Pages: 57 - 80

This research discusses the basic legal premises that constitute the general philosophy and motivations to legislate anti-terrorism within an analytical legal framework. These premises represent the basic pillars in combating terrorism within the framework of the constitutional state and the protection of human rights. The first pillar is protection, which includes the protection of properties and people. The second is precautionary which is related to the procedures and measures imposed by the governing bodies aiming at preventing terrorism crime. The third pillar is tracking and investigating all people suspected of having terrorism inclination, including sources of financing terrorism crimes; and the fourth pillar is pursuing those who committed a terrorism crime by inflicting the most severe types of punishment......

The Element of Methods and Means in Transferring the Content of Call to Allah Almighty

Pages: 81 - 109

The aim of the study was to examine the origin and implementation of the element of “methods and means in transferring the content of call to Allah Almighty. The researcher adopted the deductive approach. The study came up with some findings viz., the methods of communicating the call to Almighty Allah are a set of ways and means that the Islamic preacher formulates to deliver the content of this Islamic call to different categories of recipients. These methods are characterized by being theoretical and anecdotal. Moreover, the means of communicating the call is a set of material resources used by the preacher to convey the content of his message to various categories of recipients. These are characterized by being practical in terms of tools, techniques, procedures and activities......

Request to Initiate an Action in Customs Criminal Cases according to the Jordanian Customs Law

Pages: 111 - 132

The Customs Public Prosecution has no authority to initiate an action in custom criminal cases that relates to de facto or de jure custom evasion cases, unless required in writing by the Customs Director General or anyone acting on his behalf. Such request is a legal action that shall meet the substantive and formal requirements; and once issued, it shall have several important legal effects. This research aims to clarify the concept of this request and the reasons for placing such a restriction to the Customs Public Prosecution. It also aims to clarify the legal nature of such a request and the conditions and effects thereof, and to highlight legal gaps in its legal framework. Finally, it aims at presenting recommendations for the legislator, Customs Judiciary System, Customs Public Prosecution in relation to the request of initiating an action in customs criminal cases......

Features of Subjectivity and Selectivity of Al-Anbari Approach in his Book “Al-lnsaf”

Pages: 133 - 153

“Al-Insaf” book astonished me indeed due to the valuable scholarly knowledge, which arguably may not exist in any other book. It includes thorough details of the most controversial issues between Basra and Koufas scholars. The creativity of the author, Abi Al-Barakat Al-Anbari, in investigating these issues supported by syntactic bases for both parties even mounted my astonishment. Al-Anbari is a creative author who established the bases in his two books “Al-Ighrab Fi Jadal Al-Irab” and “Lami Al-Adella Fi Ossoul Al-Naho” after completing his book “Al-Insaf”. The features of subjectivity in “Al-Insaf” have appeared to show his syntactic ideology in supporting scholars of Basra in most of the controversial issues. Also, this book has shown his attitude towards the modes of recitation of Qur’an which is explained in the first section titled Ideology and Subjectivity. In section two, the researcher discusses how the book has shown Al-Anbari attitude towards the selectivity in neglecting the scholarly consensus as syntactic bases. The third section is devoted to the issue of refusing any objection supported by poems of unknown poets. In order to prove these features, the researcher has adopted the qualitative methodology. Highlighting these features is not intended to demean the authors both creativity and knowledge, but it raises questions for discussion and further study......

The Fantastic of Al-Tanukhi Narrations

Pages: 155 - 172

This research aimed at investigating the fantastic of Al-Tanukhi narrations (327-384 AH) which were collected from the narrations that have been gathered. The researcher investigated the fantastic of Al-Tanukhi narrations and their relationship to religious and cultural heritage, the Sufism as well as dreams. The current study examined Al-Tanukhi literature and some narrations that have been selected and analyzed to achieve the goal of the study. It was concluded that the fantastic of Al-Tanukhi has appeared to break the rules of the conventional methods of delivering religious preaching and inducing high morals as well as avoiding the style of dos and don’ts that was prevalent in that era. Thus, it was noticed that Al-Tanukhi provides the reader with amusing narratives in which he evokes the reader’s heart for preaching. It also allows his/her mind to analyze the narrations he/she hears, thereby verifies or falsifies them. Therefore, Al-Tanukhi used the fantastic away from the rigid stereotypes that the recipient has been accustomed to in old narratives and books. In his narrations, Al-Tanukhi is much closer to the art of the story with its modern content......

The Criminal and Civil Liability of HIV/AIDS Patient for Transmitting the Disease

Pages: 173 - 193

AIDS/HIV is perceived as one of the greatest scourge of our times. The Jordanian criminal law has addressed the transmission of HIV/ AIDS to others based on incidental conditions that are related to aggravating circumstances of offences against public moralities. The guilty shall be liable to a penalty of life imprisonment with hard labor in case the disease is transmitted to the victim. The law does not deal with crime of transmitting the disease as an independent case; however, it associates it with “honor crimes”. The current study aims to explore the strengths and weaknesses in the Jordanian legislation and remedy the legislative deficiencies to protect the lives of individuals from this deadly disease. The research also aims to illustrate the criminal and civil liability for transmitting the disease by the infected to others. One of the key findings and recommendations that the study concluded is that the Jordanian Penal Code and the Public Health Law should be amended to criminalization of deliberate or accidental transmission of HIV/AIDS. The code should ensure equality of punishment in the event of death or infection. The study includes three parts: the first part highlights the disease of HIV/AIDS, the second part presents the criminal liability for transmitting the disease and the third part shows the civil liability for the transmission of HIV/AIDS......

The Behavior of the Major and Sub-sector Indices in Amman Stock Exchange during the Global Financial Crisis

Pages: 9 - 22

This study aims to empirically examine the effect of global financial crisis (2008) on the performance of Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) represented by the three general main indices viz., Free Float (FF), General Unweighted (UW), and Price Weighted (PW), and on the four sectoral indices , namely banking, insurance, services and industrial. The hypotheses were tested by investigating the differences in the three general market indices and the sectoral indices before and after the global financial crisis by applying the parametric paired sample t-test and the non-parametric Wilcoxon Matched-Paired Signed Ranks test. The time span was 116 trading days before June 19, 2008 (which was chosen as a trading peak day) and 116 trading days after June 22, 2008. The study found that there were statistically significant differences between stock prices before and after the global financial crisis for most indices in (ASE). This result indicates that these indices succeeded in capturing the negative signals of the financial crisis, except for the banking’s sub-index. On the other hand, the incompatibility of the (PW) index’s result with the other indices may suggest the need to review the index sample or the weighting scheme. The results also indicate that parametric or nonparametric tests can be used interchangeably in (ASE)......

The Contribution of School Principals’ Powers in Crisis-management in Elementary Schools in Riyadh from the Principals’ Viewpoints

Pages: 195 - 218

The study aimed to identify the reality of applying the powers related to crisis-management granted to the principals of the elementary schools in Riyadh. and the degree of their contribution to crisis-management. It also sought to identify the statistical differences among the school principals which are attributed to the qualifications, administrative experience and school size. The study employed both the descriptive approach and a questionnaire. The study found that the implementation and contribution of the powers related to crisis-management were high, and there were no statistically significant differences at the level of (α ≤ 0.05) among principals responses that were attributed to qualification and administrative experience. Moreover, there were statistically significant differences at the level of statistical significance (α ≤ 0.05) among the averages in the responses on the degree of contribution of the powers given to the elementary schools’ principals in crisis-management due to the variable of school size. Based on the results, the researchers suggested the importance of training school principals on planning by using proper crisis-management powers......

Transferring the Title of a Rented Property under the Jordanian Civil Code (A comparative Study)

Pages: 33 - 55

This study discusses transferring the title of a rented property under the Jordanian Civil Code. The reason of this research is that the Jordanian Civil Code regulates the transfer of a rented property in one article i.e. Article 691. This Article deals only with one type of the transfer of a rented property, which is the sale contract. It neither addresses the impact of this contract, nor the ways of proofing it. It also neglects the effects of the contractual relationship between the parties. Moreover, the other related particular laws in Jordan, such as the Landlords and Tenants Act do not address this issue. This study aims to submit a proposal for a legal regulation of the transferring of title of a rented property, taking into account the experiences of the other countries. Hopefully, the Jordanian legislator will take it into consideration when reviewing the relevant provisions of law......

Ellipsis and its Impact on the Interpretation of Quranic Texts in Al-Farra’s Book “Ma’ani Al-Quran”

Pages: 9 - 31

In the course of identifying and analyzing ellipsis in the Nobel Quran, the phenomenon of ellipsis has a positive impact on interpreting, directing and justifying the Quranic texts as shown by Al-Farra’in his book “Ma’ani Al-Quran”. The harmony, that was found in the issues that were highlighted, interpreted and justified based on ellipses, has constituted a significant unit. This was used by Al-Farra’ to interpret Quranic texts whose obvious meanings are different from their implicit meanings......

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