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Ellipsis and its Impact on the Interpretation of Quranic Texts in Al-Farra’s Book “Ma’ani Al-Quran”

Volume 22, Issue No 2, 2019

Pages: 9 - 31

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In the course of identifying and analyzing ellipsis in the Nobel Quran, the phenomenon of ellipsis has a positive impact on interpreting, directing and justifying the Quranic texts as shown by Al-Farra’in his book “Ma’ani Al-Quran”. The harmony, that was found in the issues that were highlighted, interpreted and justified based on ellipses, has constituted a significant unit. This was used by Al-Farra’ to interpret Quranic texts whose obvious meanings are different from their implicit meanings.


Ellipsis, interpretation, Quran, impact, Al-Farra.