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Features of Subjectivity and Selectivity of Al-Anbari Approach in his Book “Al-lnsaf”

Volume 22, Issue No 2, 2019

Pages: 133 - 153

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“Al-Insaf” book astonished me indeed due to the valuable scholarly knowledge, which arguably may not exist in any other book. It includes thorough details of the most controversial issues between Basra and Koufas scholars. The creativity of the author, Abi Al-Barakat Al-Anbari, in investigating these issues supported by syntactic bases for both parties even mounted my astonishment. Al-Anbari is a creative author who established the bases in his two books “Al-Ighrab Fi Jadal Al-Irab” and “Lami Al-Adella Fi Ossoul Al-Naho” after completing his book “Al-Insaf”. The features of subjectivity in “Al-Insaf” have appeared to show his syntactic ideology in supporting scholars of Basra in most of the controversial issues. Also, this book has shown his attitude towards the modes of recitation of Qur’an which is explained in the first section titled Ideology and Subjectivity. In section two, the researcher discusses how the book has shown Al-Anbari attitude towards the selectivity in neglecting the scholarly consensus as syntactic bases. The third section is devoted to the issue of refusing any objection supported by poems of unknown poets. In order to prove these features, the researcher has adopted the qualitative methodology. Highlighting these features is not intended to demean the authors both creativity and knowledge, but it raises questions for discussion and further study.


Subjectivity, Selectivity, Ideology, Bases.



Abu Fanoon, M.


  Features of Subjectivity and Selectivity of Al-Anbari Approach in his Book “Al-lnsaf”.

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