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Martial Silence and its Relation with Martial Adjustment among Palestinian Spouses

Volume 20, Issue No 1, 2017

Pages: 25 - 41

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This study aims to identify spousal silence and its relation to psychological adjustment among Palestinian spouses. lt also investigates the differences in spousal silence according to some independent variables. A random sample of 300 families has been selected. Both the Spousal Silence Scale and the F’sychological Adjustment Scale are administered with remarkable coefficients of reliability and validity. The results show that the psychological adjustment is high among Palestinian spouses, and the spousal silence is moderate. The results also indicate that husbands have spousal silence higher than that perceived by wives. The results also show no differences in the spousal silence among the spouses due to the place of residence, the duration of marriage, and qualification. Moreover, the results show a negative correlation between spousal silence and psychological adjustment. The study recommends that marital silence should be given more attention because it leads to emotional divorce and other family problems.


marital silence, marital adjustment, psychological divorce..



Abu Zanid, M. &  

AlJundi, N.


  Martial Silence and its Relation with Martial Adjustment among Palestinian Spouses.

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