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The Suitable Age to Launch Training of Various Sporting Activities from the Point of Views of Jordanian Coaches

Volume 22, Issue No 1, 2019

Pages: 63 - 79

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This study aims at identifying the suitable age to launch training of various sporting activities from the point of views of both the administrative and academic staff. After reviewing related literature and comparing theoretical and empirical studies, the researcher utilized a survey that goes along with the aim of this study. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher developed a questionnaire with the help of experts in this field and ensured its validity and reliability. The sample of the study comprises 56 coaches working at sports unions and clubs in Jordan in different sporting activities. For statistical treatment, the researcher uses means, percentages as well as frequencies. The findings of the study have revealed that there is a consensus among coaches on the criteria of selecting juniors i.e., they have to be scientifically based besides medical check-ups. The academic staff highlighted other crucial factors that should be taken into account viz., biological age, innateness, heredity, and prediction of the degree of stability as well as taking into consideration the individual differences. Both academics and coaches emphasize that the suitable age to start training depends on the type of activity since each activity requires a specific suitable age and this depends on different stages of growth. Finally, the researcher recommends adopting scientific bases for selecting the talents. Furthermore, special attention should be given to children as a basic block in selection.


The suitable age, Training, Sporting activities, Coaches viewpoints, Jordanians.



Osaila, M.


  The Suitable Age to Launch Training of Various Sporting Activities from the Point of Views of Jordanian Coaches.

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